"This is a song that truly encapsulates heartbreak." ~ Bucketlist Music Reviews 


Lead by emotional strength and honesty; singer songwriter Cinzia has become one of the most authentic and vulnerable voices of her generation. Their serene melodies and relatable lyrics have had hearts swooning since their release of No Matter one year ago. No Matter and their other 3 releases have been living in thousands of Listener Playlists and Spotify curated playlists such as Chilled Vibes, Montreal Chill, Folk & Friends, 5@7, Alone Again, New Music Friday Canada and more. They have opened for Canadian acts such as Bülow, Billy Raffoul, and Hanorah allowing them to grow as performers and connect with new fans. Truth to be told, it was only after a flawed attempt at writing for other people that Cinzia had decided to take the plunge and simply be the artist and the writer.


Cinzia leads her life and music with one simple mantra "Authenticity over Everything".“If something doesn’t connect with me or those around me on a deeper level, I can’t bring myself to pursue it.” With this, she's soared as a musician and has been awarded opportunities and prominently featured by CJAD 800AM (Montreal’s #1 Talk Radio station), Global-TV News (Montreal) and CIBL 101.5FM (Montreal French Radio) and spending the summer of 2019 surrounded by like-minded and amazing mentors at Canada's Music Incubator.

Drawing inspiration from Julia Michaels, Florence and The Machine, Janis Joplin, and their hometown of Montréal, their vision is to inject the world with a much-needed dose of raw, unfiltered emotion. Cinzia & The Eclipse came together after a radio interview where Cinzia decided that they needed a name that was more collaborative. “Adding The Eclipse was important to represent not just me but the band and the producers who help create the sound.” 







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